Diabetes Free

If you think it will ever get better, it won’t.

It is evident that using conventional methods for diabetes does not cure diabetes, as the medical community still states that diabetes is an incurable disease. Yet, hundreds of studies show otherwise. Over time, diabetics are prescribed higher and higher dosages of drugs. Then when those fail, they get prescribed insulin injections on top of drugs. It doesn’t matter if you follow your doctors recommendations and dosages exactly as prescribed. You will continue to live with diabetes for the rest of your life managing it until god forbid you develop horrible complications.

The cold hard truth:

By living with diabetes and by taking your prescribed medication, you are under the constant daily threat of dying of a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, succumbing to blindness, amputations, neuropathy, hypertension, nerve system disease, high cholesterol, depression, and falling into a coma.

Drugs Treat Symptoms, Not Disease

If we treat the symptoms of a condition, rather than the causes of the condition. Wouldn’t it be wiser to treat the causes of diabetes rather than the symptoms? The information you’ll receive targets the causes of diabetes, which is why people see results so quickly, get off their medication and end the need for insulin.


If you have diabetes, you simply cannot continue this way – sooner rather than later you WILL die; either from diabetes, or side-effects from the drugs you take. And it won’t be quietly in your sleep either. Getting rushed to the hospital while the paramedics are giving you CPR will be hell on earth.

My Blood sugar is down!

I found your site when searching for alternatives to treat my blood sugar rather than using drugs. Your site was very informative and much more thorough than others. I bought the book, followed it and, can’t believe it but I’m feeling much better. My blood sugar is down, my drugs dosages are down, and the doctor said I can even stop taking my drugs soon if I keep this up. Love it! Your 7 Steps to Health book is a lifesaver and I would urge every diabetic to read it. – Joanna

If only I found this site before!

The life-saving information changed my life around. Thanks a lot for opening my eyes. I can’t believe how much money I’ve wasted buying all those drugs. With your help, no more! I have lost a lot of weight, and my doctor can’t believe his eyes when he sees me at my appointments. I am off my blood pressure med and insulin. Thank you! – Stav